Saturday, May 29, 2010

Meet Impatient Vivek, whose impatience has led him from his home town to his tinsel town.
Whose impatience has turned him to a playback singer from a child scientist.
Whose impatience has made him lighter by eighteen kg in less than two months.
His cute looks are undoubted par excellence as he has already proved himself
as a singer (debut album “i Vivek”) 
with a unique and appealing voice texture.

How much potential flows through his veins for the silver screen can be judged only after watching his movie,IMPATIENT VIVEK.

He has really worked hard to get his new appearance and those who have seen Vivek earlier cannot believe his completely changed looks.

Tremendous change in a couple of months.....

Unbelievable !

 Okay Vivek !

Keep moving.

Your impatience should make you the beat of  
billions and trillions of hearts.

All d Best !


  1. lukin great both of u GOD BLESS U

  2. u both really compliment each other n very nice pair

  3. Its not an achievement to make 100's films in a year, but an achievement
    is when you make a film for 100's impatient vivek... best of luckk :)