Monday, June 28, 2010


"Parindon ko manzil milegi yakeenan, 
         ye phaile huye unke par bolte hain;
 Wahi log rahte hain khamosh aksar, 
           zamaane mein jinke hunar bolte hain."

Jang hathiyaaron se nahin iraadon se jeeti jaati hai 

aur i V ke iraadey buland hain.
He is coming to rock the world...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Besides Miss India Sayali Bhagat there is another gem from the soil of Rajasthan who is performing a very crucial role in the film IMPATIENT VIVEK.
Yes! She is Charu Asopa with shimmering beauty who will certainly win the hearts of the viewers by her mind blowing performance on screen. Director Rahat Kazmi speaks that Charu is a very good learner and she did not consume much time and effort to grasp the alphabets of acting as Impatient Vivek is her very first film in which she is performing a full-fledged role. Before this film she was presented in a song of the music album I VIVEK which was critically appreciated by the audience because of its melodious songs and good picturization.
Charu Asopa has been crowned Miss Rajasthan-2006. Besides she has also been crowned :
Miss Stylish of Rajasthan
Brand Ambassader of Khadi India
Miss Desert India-05
Miss Moomal-05

Miss Maarvar-08
Miss Diamond of Rajasthan-06
Star of Rajasthan-05
Boogie Woogie dance winner-08
Wow ! we admire the beauty part of the film, Miss India Sayali Bhagat and Miss Rajasthan Charu Asopa.
As per Rahat, she is performing an important character of a bubbly girl which helps weaving the story of the film. He also told that a very hot and sensuous love song has recently been shot on her and her co-artist Raunak Ahuja. She has performed so well that Rahat is completely mesmerized by the performance given by Charu Asopa in her each and every scene. He further adds, “nobody can judge that she is doing her first film.”
Well done Charu ! really it’s great to hear such words from the director for any new comer.
Keep it up...!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Shooting with patience and hilarity

The shooting of fresh bollywood face Vivek’s debut film IMPATIENT VIVEK is going on in a very calm, cool and hilarious environment. There is no tension and everybody is enjoying the shooting schedule.The satisfaction and the smile on the director’s face is the biggest proof. Here are some photos which are self explanatory:






                                            FURSAT KE PAL

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I can also be impatient

Every director has its own style of working and behaviour. As per their style, they have to work and get the performance of the artists. Also due to the work conditions and pressure of the schedule it’s very difficult to maintain the peace of mind and control on the patience in behaviour.
Director Rahat Kazmi is known among the people around as a very cool and controlled guy having a lot of patience but during the shooting of                Impatient Vivek he also lost his control.
There was a lengthy one take scene which had to be shot on Vivek along with the crowd and even a slight change in the camera angle was not acceptable while it was moving on the trolley. During the rehearsals everything was going well though it was very difficult to manage the crowd.
Also while the shot was being taken everything was going well and it had to come out as a nice shot both technically and performance wise but the person moving the trolley was so engrossed in the scene that he forgot the position he marked himself to stop the trolley movement. Trolley-man kept moving the trolley beyond that point even after Rahat shouted many times to stop but he came out of his day dream only when the trolley stopped by itself with a jerk because of the end of the rails. A shot which was on the verge of emerging as a perfect shot, had been spoiled due to one mistake. Rahat lost his patience and control and started scolding the trolley man and one of his Ads in full wrath. That day everybody in the unit was stunned when they saw Rahat’s anger. Everybody saw Rahat first time in anger. After all, the scene was shot again perfectly. Eversmiling Rahat lost his patience first time due to his commitment for the quality of his work and the performance of the artists.
Halke mein nahin lene ka boss…!

Monday, June 21, 2010

It’s all about balancing with impatience

Yes! it’s all about balancing over a long and speedy truck. The funny incident took place in Udaipur, Rajasthan where director Rahat Kazmi was shooting a song for his latest film IMPATIENT VIVEK.
The song was being shot on Vivek and his co-artists who had to dance on a 40 feet long open truck having no boundary. Vivek told the unit that initially everything remained ok but after initial lines of the song every time it was very hard for him to manage his balance and steps because of unusual increase in the speed of the truck .He told that many times he shouted to maintain a uniform speed but nobody was able to listen him due to the sound of the speakers.
After getting down from the truck Vivek asked the driver why every time he started increasing the speed ? The driver replied innocently to him,”what to do sir, the beats of the song are so powerful that I could not control my enthusiasm and every time due to excitement the pressure on the accelerator tends to increase.”
After listening this everybody started laughing.
There is not much time is left for the viewers and audience to enjoy the beats of this catchy song.  

Yeah ! I finally managed. I am Vivek,
Impatient Vivek....!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Still from Impatient Vivek

Ek pal ki ye baat nahi, Do pal ka ye sath nahi,
Waise to zindagi ek safar si ban gayi hai mere liye,
par wo safar hi kya jisme tum saath nahi.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Pyar ka izhaar kar do ab hum se raha nahi jaata
 likh ke hi iqraar karlo agar hothon pe nahi aata.

Don't be Impatient Vivek !
Very few people know that Vivek has hydrophobia. He normally avoids getting in to the water whether it’s sea beach or a swimming pool. Recently, during the shooting of a song sequence for the movie IMPATIENT VIVEK, director Rahat Kazmi decided on the spot that Vivek had to fall down into the swimming pool with his back towards water. When Vivek came to know this he was really scared. He was reluctant to do so. That time the entire unit came to know about his phobia.
However, Rahat along with other unit members told Vivek that the water level is not above your neck and nothing wrong will happen. He assured him that entire unit would be there to get you out of water instantly and there was nothing to worry, but Vivek was not ready to take this ordeal. Then Rahat asked him, “ Vivek!, you are a young guy from scientific background, you can sing, you can face camera, on screen you can fall in love then why can’t you fall in water ! Remember ! you are Vivek who is impatient and nothing is impossible for him.”
Vivek instantly got up and told Rahat that he would perform the scene and to everybody’s surprise he performed so well to the director’s expectation that the shot was ok in one take.
After that Vivek took two - three more plunges into the pool and shouted, “ I have no more phobia, I am Vivek.....impatient Vivek !”
Hats off to Vivek's courage to get rid of his phobia.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Impatient Vivek and former 
Miss India Sayali Bhagat:
All set to rock the tinsel town very soon.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Many films get their names during their making but 
the title IMPATIENT VIVEK has a different story. The producers and the director of the film wanted an innocent, cute and simple guy who could do justice with the script and they found everything in Vivek.
Also to protect the naturality, beauty and freshness of this real life love story, director Rahat Kazmi gave instructions to this young guy to lose weight as well as not to take any lessons for acting. 
Vivek was also determined to give his best to the director’s expectation and so he lost 18 kgs in just a couple of months. 
For this film Vivek was instructed to be as natural as he was in his real life so that every young lad could identify himself in Vivek. 
Rahat was adamant on his decision so that he could bring out for the audience a film that is genuine and appealing and in fact the songs of the film have also been recorded in Vivek’s own voice.
Considering the main character , its gestures and mannerism and the artist playing the lead role, the film has got its name 

If a film is being produced with such a commitment and determination it will certainly be worth watching.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The shooting of IMPATIENT VIVEK 
is on full swing now.
The film is based on a true love story
with a flavour of situational
comedy which will surely be
loved by the viewers.

Apart from Vivek and Sayali,
the cast of Impatient Vivek includes
Hrishikesh Joshi, Nirmal Soni, 
Muni Jha,

Denzil Smith and Ashok Kumar Beniwal
who are playing important characters in the film.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Meet Mr.Rahat Kazmi,The young director of the film
Impatient Vivek, who belongs to Pamrote village in Surankot of Poonch district in Kashmir

Due to his keen interest in writing he started writing poetry and stories at a tender age while he was just in class eight.
Not the glamour but his passion for writing took him to the tinsel town but the journey was not so easy and after a struggle of almost ten years he got the first Hindi feature film under the banner of Search Films Productions. He signed his first film (critically acclaimed Dekh Re Dekh) as story/screenplay writer and director. Impatient Vivek is his second film as story/screenplay writer and director.

One day the lead artist of the film, Vivek met Rahat along with  his real life story which Rahat felt, needed polishing. After a creative discussion Rahat took the responsibility of  giving a new face to Vivek's real life story. Vivek Also, being a scientist is very imaginative and creative. He also gave his inputs and ideas in creation of a good script which will certainly appeal today's youth.The whole script of the film Impatient Vivek is based upon  today's youth and it's life. Impatient Vivek is a beautiful love story which sometimes tickles you and sometimes touches the core of your heart. Vivek is also not leaving any stone unturned in giving  his best at the creative and the performance level as well. The film is now on the floors and is expected to be released late this year. Vivek has lots of hopes from his impatience.....
Impatient Vivek !                                           
Okay Rahat if you are keen to deliver your best,
success cannot restrain itself from embracing you.
Give your best and receive the best,          
ALL  d  BEST…..!


                     Sayali Bhagat       

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Man's main task in life is to give birth to himself, to become what he potentially is. The most important product of his effort is his own personality.

Perhaps Vivek understands this very well that's why he always learnt from life and relentlessly endeavoured to improve himself as a person.
The lessons of life are great teachers and give confidence to the personality of a man and so is the confidence of Vivek, better known as iV among his dear and near ones.

First scientist then singer and now acting is just like a hue added to his rainbow.
Yes Vivek, another feather in your cap...!

Don't let anyone steal your dream. It's your dream, not theirs.