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Executive producers' discussion with Director

Happy moments on the set

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                                  First to reach the location...
Describing the scene...

Checking the result...
Ek ladki bheegi bhaagi si...

Mimicry on the sets...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


For a new comer it is just like a reward to lift his co-artist who has been a Beauty Queen. Vivek alias iV had to lift Sayali three times during the shoot for a song sequence of Impatient Vivek. When Vivek tried to lift her during the shoot of the song both started laughing every time.
After 3-4 takes director Rahat Kazmi reminded them that they were the romantic lead pair and not buddies on screen. After that they somehow managed to give the proper shots which turned out to be great shots.
After the shoot there was running a wave of joking among the unit and unit members started greeting Vivek,“many happy returns of the lift sir !”

Monday, August 23, 2010


Here we present the interview of Vivek with DNA correspondent for their SPIRITUAL CONNECT column where they get people to about spirituality and what it means to them. The following were the questions and the corresponding views of Vivek about his spiritual side. 

1) Are you spiritually inclined?
Yes, of course.
2) What does spirituality mean to you?
Spirituality is a state of experiencing you without being a part of yourself, detaching yourself from your physical body and watching it from outside just like others see you. For me, being spiritual is just like accepting our responsibility for our thoughts and actions. We can make the world a little better through our thoughts and actions. Spirituality is simply this awareness. 
3) Who is your spiritual guide/guru?
My father.
4) How do you connect with your higher self?
Sometimes by meditation and experiencing my inner self as I told you before and sometimes by doing good for others and forgetting it.
5) How much of time in a day do you devote to connecting with your spiritual side?
Presently it is not possible for me to do it regularly but I am trying to spare at least 5 - 10 minutes daily to  connect with my spiritual side and with the supreme power, i.e., God Almighty.
6) Any incident or anecdote that gave rise to your spiritual beliefs?
I still remember when I was a mischievous child. My father confirmed me about it many times, but I did not give heed to his words and kept on going my way. As a surprising relief, he forgave me every time and assured me of his love. It was my first experience with the Supreme Force in this universe that pushes people to forgive wrongdoing and to love even imperfect people. Since then I learnt that always try to spread love and do good from your side.  
7) Any lessons that you have learnt or any changes that you have brought about in yourself as a result of your spiritual inclination?
Well, I feel there is some power which rules the world. If you believe, it works for you and drives you out from every intricate situation. Now I am more confident about my ideology and this confidence comes from doing your best to you and to others.   

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Costumes speak volumes about a character, location and the moods. Costumes are such an integral part of the film that they determine the look and the genre of the film.
All these details have been looked into with diligence by the team of Impatient Vivek and the Costume Designer Mr. Kamaal Khan.
Taking the time periods and the characters into consideration, each garment was selected and customized accordingly and the amount of detailing required for the costumes took a great deal of attention.
One interesting fact about the costume design is that, the leading man Vivek has an excellent taste in clothes. The costumes for the last schedule of the film were selected and personally designed by him to suit his impatient character. The outfits turned out so good that the Costume Designer was all praises for Vivek’s sense of style!


The art director makes sure that the scene is tailored according to the specifications of the characters, setting and the location. He needs to provide with all the elements that make the screen come alive and the scene look realistic and to capture all of this, the art director needs to understand the genre and the feel of the movie to the core.
The Art Director of Impatient Vivek, is a young lad named Vishal Suraj Pawar from Govt. School Of Fine Arts (Aurangabad Univ.) who has done his his post graduation(Theatre Arts) from Mumbai varsity. Being a part of the target audience that the film appeals to, he clearly understood the fundamental nature of the film and accordingly provided all the required elements.
The youth oriented appeal and the overall settings of the scenes and shots were brilliantly captured by this young gun and his team.
An interesting fact about the art director is that on showing the show reel of his work in Impatient Vivek, he was invited to attend a workshop at a prestigious University in the US. 

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Thanks God you gave me the opportunity to live life in your beautiful world.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


The song EK PARI PAGAL SI.....of Impatient Vivek has been shot on very picturesque and exotic locations of Goa. The song composed by Neeraj Srivastav is very youthful and romantic song.

The original version of this song was with an Indian tinge and when the director Rahat Kazmi listened it after the recording ,he seemed to be in dilemma and could not express his opinion regarding the song at once. The expressions on Rahat’s face were telling that he was trying to find out something in the song that was missing. Rahat discussed among his team just to find what he felt missing in the song and finally he took decision to add some catchy lines to the song in English and for which he gave the responsibility to Rahul Seth. After the addition of those English lines, the romantic spirit of the song became so intense that everyone after listening the song experienced the feeling of spiritual love and the crew members told that the E.P. of the film was so engrossed in listening the song that he also could not control his emotions and with his choked throat and wet eyes appreciated everyone for the creation of this charismatic song.
He also appreciated singer actor Vivek in the following way: “ Vivek ! you have really sung this song very good to an extent greater than even you can imagine and you have really added life to this song.”
Wow! Can a singer and his song be appreciated in a much better way?

He is one of the people who don't wait for the iron to become hot for striking but make the iron hot by striking and get the desired shape. Impatient Vivek ! a wonderful artist, singer and a true friend of friends.

Monday, August 16, 2010


Though the beauty needs no formal introduction especially for a young lady who has been crowned as Miss India but last week during the shooting of Impatient Vivek, Anwar Agha was determined to redefine the beauty of the beauty queen Miss India Sayali Bhagat. Anwar Agha, the official make-up designer of Impatient Vivek, decided to give sayali an angel like look in the film for the song EK PARI… and he has been completely successful in his effort. However, Imraan is Sayali’s personal makeup man but she could not restrain herself from praising Anwar dada’s makeup skills. Anwar Agha is the makeup and look designer of the lead actor Vivek. He has also been makeup designer of famous actress Manisha Koirala and he also designed Amrita Rao's look in the film MAIN HOON NA. Besides, he has also worked for Tabbu and Mahima Chaudhari.

Anwar dada always discuss with the director and the actor before every scene to decide what look is needed as per the demand of the scene. Once he makes it clear, he can redefine the geography of any face with his skilful hands in no time using the latest imported makeup cutlery from MAC. Very co-operative, very polite Anwar Agha has become the favourite personality of the entire unit in a very short time. Vivek is very happy and satisfied with his work and very often calls him " JAADU DADA" or MAGIC DADA.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


The lead artist Vivek who is performing the character iV in the film Impatient Vivek has become a writer now.Vivek is not writing the story of any film. He was so impressed with his character in the film in which he is shown to be a puppeteer, that he decided to write a book on puppets. The book is now complete and ready to be published.
Vivek told that he was eager to increase his knowledge on this subject when the writer of the film Shri B.K.Tyagi had told him about puppets. After that Vivek, together with B.K.Tyagi conceived the idea of this book which has been given the name NAACH RI KATHPUTLI. The book will definitely be very useful to the teachers, children, the people having interest in folk arts and the people making their career in this field. Vivek has also told that he has done a vast research and also met a number of puppeteers of India to make the book interesting.
Any way, the time will speak itself that how much potential this book has from the knowledge point of view but it’s really interesting to know that bollywood has got a writer in an actor who can write books too.
We do hope that Naach Ri Kathputli will be in our hands very soon.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Music has its own language and hosts enormous power within itself. Music is not only concerned with the brain only but it has a pious connection with your higher self. It is directly related to your heart and soul and has a terrific healing capacity too. Recently, a six year old girl Radhika from Kerala’s Alappuzha, completely paralysed in an accident can move now with a walker and responds to queries when a doctor put her on a dose of music for a week. When every treatment failed, music displayed its miracle.

So is the relation of music to the film. Good and soothing music always like a salubrious breeze to the body and mind tired of every day’s tussle of life.

Such is the music of the film IMPATIENT VIVEK . It has every flavour, soothing, romantic and hilarious and has the quality to be successful in touching the soul.

Music to the songs is given by: Raja Ali, Neeaj Srivastava, Shahdaab Bhartiya and Anamik. 

Shahdaab Bhartiya is a well known name in fusion music and he has shown his excellence in the song PAL HAI YE MAKHMALI... sung by HARIHARAN and ASMITA. 

Raja Ali has given his magic touch to the four songs . MERI NINDIYA...,ISHQ MUSIBAT..., TUJHE MAANGA HAI....and MAST KALANDAR...

Neeraj Srivastav has beautified the exciting dance number  KHURAFAAT...and the most romantic song of the film EK PARI... with his glorious music. 

Anamik has done the title song in English.

Every one of them has tried to give the music at par with the test of youngsters, young couples and of course classy music lovers.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


To give voice to any song is just like giving soul to the body. All the songs of the Film Impatient Vivek are beautifully sung and they have become very catchy and melodious. There are seven songs in the film and each one has a class of its own. Veteran singer Hariharan has ornamented one song PAL HAI YE MAKHMALI... by his classy voice. The other voice in this song is of Asmita Dhuldhoye.  
One interesting fact is that the lead actor Vivek has given his voice to all other songs and hats off to his talent that he has sung all the songs in different styles.
According to internal sources when the songs were sent for mixing and mastering, the Studio Engineer could not believe that these songs were sung by the same singer.
Good effort Vivek !
The other singers in the film are: TARRUNUM MALLIK, DOMINIQUE, RAHUL SETH