Friday, July 30, 2010


Recently the unit of Impatient Vivek picturised the song Meri Nindiya.....on Vivek, Sayali Bhagat and co-artists. This song composed by Raja AIi Khan was a party song and  well performed by Vivek and Sayali along with their beautiful dancing steps. The song has been recorded in Vivek’s own voice and Tarannum Mallik. It consumed two nights with lavish ambience to shoot this song. Beautifully choreographed by Devang Desai, this song involves a large number of professional dancers. It was not a mean feat for Vivek to deliver a synchronous performance with a number of professional dancers as the director of the film suggested him before starting the film, not to take any customized training for acting and dance etc. as per the demand of his character in the film.

As we all know success is never final and failure is never fatal, it’s the courage that counts and Vivek after a number of initial retakes gave a terrific dance performance for the song.

When Vivek was asked,“how did you make it possible for you?”

He replied with a twinkle in his eyes, “ it was just like putting the soul in the body, I did not merely dance, I made myself a part of it. 
Wow ! what a concept of work.

If you want perfection in work, be the work itself and lose your identity in work.

That’s it.            IMPATIENT VIVEK                                      

Wednesday, July 28, 2010




Tuesday, July 27, 2010


The use of puppets is very common in education and entertainment fields to deliver knowledge or to entertain people. Sometimes puppets can express the feelings in a more effective way and can deliver the strongest possible message in a cool manner.
In the film Impatient Vivek,  the debutant lead actor Vivek is a puppeteer. Since he is shown to be a shy guy, he uses his puppet to express his love and emotions for his lady love. Since there are not many film makers who have used this medium to express the emotions of their characters, it can be a beautiful ode to Indian culture too. In the film, Vivek can be seen wooing Sayali and conveying his emotions very innocently using his puppet. To see how Sayali responds is the matter of worth a watch on screen.

Friday, July 23, 2010


Recently for a dramatic and thrilling scene a giant set of typical Indian mela was prepared. The scene had to be shot with a huge crowd. It was also difficult to manage an enormous crowd which was gathered on the location to see the shooting.   The Executive Producers were also seen talking to the spectators to be the integral part of the crowd specially called for the shoot to avoid mismanagement and they finally succeeded. After that viewers also took part in the shoot and enjoyed it.
The EPs were also giving instructions to the operators of the giant wheels to avoid their idle running in order to prevent diesel consumption. Really they had an eye on everything. They were trying to keep maximum things in the grip. Normally, it is not very easy to manage the huge crowd but despite an initial hustle-bustle and a number of retakes all the shots finally became ok. The shoot in the mela lasted for one complete day and all the scenes were finished as per the schedule.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


            Kuch nashaa teri baat ka hai,
                             Kuch nashaa dheemi barsaat ka hai,
            Humein tum yunhi paagal na samjho,
                         Yeh dil pe asar pahli mulakaat ka hai !!

Saturday, July 17, 2010


To capture on celluloid, the soul of what the director has conceived, depends to a great extent on the skill of the cinematographer. Therefore, for the best results, coordination and rapport between the director and the cinematographer is crucial. This can be seen on the sets of Impatient Vivek where the director Rahat Kazmi and the cinematographer M. Sethuraman are working together as synchronised entities to give an outstanding outcome.
M. Sethuraman has started his career as assistant director to veteran film maker Mani Ratnam and he assisted him in three films. After that he joined Santosh Sivan and did two films with him. To upgrade his skills has always been passion for him and in order to upgrade himself for special effects he has worked with Kabir Lal  for almost ten years. He also did around 20 films with Johny Lal. As independent cinematographer he did  Krishna Cottage, Kaise Kahein, three Tamil films and now Impatient Vivek. He has also been second unit cameraman in many big films such as Jeena Sirf Mere Liye, Mujhe Kuchh Kahna Hai, Partner and Yuvraj. Besides, he has done many commercial ads for TV such as Macro Man with Hritik Roshan and Boost with Sachin Tendulkar along with commercial ads for IPL.  
For this polite and talented cinematographer, lighting and camera angles were very important in the film IMPATIENT VIVEK to give a dream girl like looks to the heroine Sayali Bhagat and to the hero Vivek, a look like any present days youngster who has innocence in his impatience which should blend with the script of the film. While asking to say something about his work he recalls what Mani Ratnam once told to him, “never try to do any experiments, always follow the script and go with the script.” He always tried to follow this GURU MANTRA till now.
He is also happy that for this film he has been provided the camera equipped with latest technology in which he used Master Prime Lenses for superb results.
M.Sethuraman, respectfully known as RAM JI among his friends and well wishers, has an extra ordinary stamina to work tirelessly. The whole unit admires his dedication, discipline and devotion for the work.

Friday, July 16, 2010


            Mahak dosti ki ishq se kam nahin hoti,
                                                  Ishq pe zindagi khatam nahin hoti,
         Saath agar ho zindagi mein doston ka,
                                                  To zindagi jannat se kam nahin hoti.
In ankhon mein aansoo aaye na hote,
                           Agar tum peechhe mud ke muskuraye na hote,
Tumhare jaane ke baad ye gam hota hai,
                                       Kaash tum zindagi mein aaye na hote!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Songs are just like ornaments for any film. Good and meaningful lyrics always beautify the whole content of the movie. There are seven songs of every mood in Impatient Vivek and all the songs are very catchy and melodious.
Besides Neeraj  Srivastav, Raja Ali, Binish Khan there is Nusrat Badr  who has written the song TUJHE MAANGA HAI SADA RAB SE... The unit has recently shot this song to which Vivek and Sayali have given lively  performances. The melody of this song will certainly be appreciated and liked by all including youngsters.
He has many big films in his account such as Deewangee, Deewaar, Saanwariya and Devdas. Who can forget the song Dola Re Dola... of Devdas for which Nusrat Badr has won the IIFA Best Lyricist Award in 2003. We give him all our heartiest wishes so that he could create the same magic again in Impatient Vivek.
Binish Khan has written the title track of the film. Neeraj srivastav has written two songs, EK PARI...and KHURAAFAAT...
Raja Ali has also written two songs ISHQ MUSIBAT.....     and         MERI NINDIYA......
The versatile director Rahat Kazmi has also given his contribution to the songs of the film. He has written one mast song...............................MAST KALANDAR...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


It seems that Search Film’s Production is really talented and complete team. Mr. Anil, the editor of the film IMPATIENT VIVEK is appropriate example of this fact. Besides editing he will be seen on the screen showing his latent acting talent. For a comedy scene of the film there was need of a TAANTRIK and it was very difficult to find a taantrik who could also play that funny character in front of the camera. Trial after trial were going on and the result was nothing. 
One afternoon when the unit was having lunch together, suddenly director Rahat Kazmi asked Anil, ”why don’t you do the role of the taantrik?”
Everybody started laughing and Anil was in dilemma and saying sir !
Anil was trying to explain the director that he could not act as he had never faced camera and he was also not confident at all about his performance. He was afraid because of the performance quality standards set by Rahat but he could not hide his acting talent from the director’s eyes. Ultimately, bechaara Anil....acting karni hi padi and yes, Fraderick from the camera team also performed as Anil’s assistant taantrik.
Both of them performed so well that when the shot was declared ok by Rahat, all unit members started screaming in joy and hugging Anil and Fraderick. Everybody was asking them, “where were you guys so far?” and ever smiling director Rahat,with a cute smile, again became busy in the preparation of the next scene.
What a talented and all-rounder team is this ! 
Everybody is working with full dedication and coordination on the sets as it is their home production. No noise, no complaints, no director’s anger, no ego clash and nobody can imagine that a film shooting can go on so peacefully. It looks like a family get together if you remove camera and lights from the venue.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Time and tide wait for none and for the perfection in any natural shot proper time with optimum light has its own importance. The director of the film IMPATIENT VIVEK and its cameraman M. Sethuraman kept in mind this fact very well and to maintain the essence of the scene they were quite committed. Despite wrapping up the shoot late night both of them used to wake up at 4 am every morning and watch out the correct setting of the sun for the dawn, climatic condition of the place and the amount of the natural light available for shoot. They did the same for the dusk also.
Recently during the shoot in Udaipur one interesting incident took place. One emotional and very important scene had to be shot in the low evening light on the stairs of a ghaat. Everybody was doing his job perfectly. Lead artist Vivek and his co-artist Hrishikesh Joshi threw their full emotions into the scene. They were performing so well that everybody was engrossed in their performance. But nobody even the artist was aware of the fact that the director and the cameraman had decided meanwhile to reshoot the scene next day just because the proper light ceased to be available during the scene. Camera was also rolling as usual and after the shot everybody was happy about the perfect performance of the artists.
In hotel at the dinner director Rahat Kazmi declared the reshoot of the complete scene next morning. Everybody was shocked that what went wrong. Vivek and Hrishikesh were also surprised and told Rahat that they had performed well and despite the amount of light available the scene was almost ok. Rahat answered,”yes it was almost ok but perfectly not ok.”
Vivek was very impatient and he questioned, “then why did you continue the shooting and kept camera rolling?”
Rahat answered with simplicity,” it was your rehearsal for tomorrow.”
Vivek asked Rahat how can it be possible to repeat the same emotions, performance and mood tomorrow morning.
Rahat answered him,” not exactly the same, try to do better than this and you will have to do it because you are Vivek, Impatient Vivek.”
Everybody was smiling, but hats off to Vivek who performed hundred times better and to the commitment of the director and cameraman for perfection, that the shot taken next morning was far better than expected with much gorgeous ambience.
Such is their coordination, dedication and understanding on the subject.
According to other unit members it was one of the best shots they had taken so far.