Monday, September 27, 2010


According to "Six P" acronym "Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance." The first 20% of the time spent on proper planning saves our 80% of the time later in achieving the targets we've set.
The Production Management team of Impatient Vivek could be able to provide for every minute element at the right time in the right manner due to its strategic planning and synchronized coordination  with the other departments.
This team comprises Er.Kumar Dharmendra fondly called KSRK by his friends and colleagues.
Kumar Dharmendra, a Gold Medallist Mechanical Engineer, has a vast experience in project management. Er. Kumar Dharmendra also headed the Accounts Department and took utmost care in spending every penny at the right moment and in the right channel in order to prevent the movie from crossing the limits of the budget simultaneously not compromising with its quality. Besides, he also took the command of web publicity for the film and left no stone unturned in getting Impatient Vivek familiar to the world using internet.

Zia Ahmed Khan alias ZAK was also an asset to the entire Production team certainly. Besides playing a character in the film he has also been instrumental in the management of the production activities which was also not a very easy task. 
Also nobody can forget the moments when both of them rejuvenated the tired unit at the right moment by their mimicry and the mannerisms on the sets.
It was the foolproof planning and the synchronised working of KSRK and ZAK so that the film could have been completed on schedule without any patch work left and also in a peaceful and cheerful atmosphere. 

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  1. eally its the heard work and dedication of these two guys which made it easy for us to complete our schdules on time and without any hindarence..
    KSRK and ZAK were not just EP'S on sets but the best part of them was that they used to keep all the unit happy and laughing with funny jokes and always kept a cool envirnment on sets... it was fun shooting IMPATIENT VIVEK