Saturday, October 2, 2010


Mr. B K. Tyagi, a science enthusiast by profession has sketched this concept on paper in the form of a beautifully woven tale of love based on a few real incidences of life. The story of the film draws its inspiration from real life story of Vivek. After a creative discussion Rahat took the responsibility of giving a new face to Vivek's real life story. Vivek Also, being a science communicator is very imaginative and creative. He also gave his inputs and ideas in creation of a good script which will certainly appeal today's youth.The whole script of the film Impatient Vivek is based upon  today's youth and it's life. Impatient Vivek is a beautiful love story which sometimes tickles you and sometimes touches the core of your heart. Vivek has also not left any stone unturned in giving  his best at the creative and the performance level as well. The film is now complete and is expected to be released in December this year. 
It is indeed very contemporary and has been made to suit the taste of the today’s youth taking into consideration their aspirations, mindset and their general attitude towards life!
Vivek has lots of hopes from his impatience.....

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