Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I can also be impatient

Every director has its own style of working and behaviour. As per their style, they have to work and get the performance of the artists. Also due to the work conditions and pressure of the schedule it’s very difficult to maintain the peace of mind and control on the patience in behaviour.
Director Rahat Kazmi is known among the people around as a very cool and controlled guy having a lot of patience but during the shooting of                Impatient Vivek he also lost his control.
There was a lengthy one take scene which had to be shot on Vivek along with the crowd and even a slight change in the camera angle was not acceptable while it was moving on the trolley. During the rehearsals everything was going well though it was very difficult to manage the crowd.
Also while the shot was being taken everything was going well and it had to come out as a nice shot both technically and performance wise but the person moving the trolley was so engrossed in the scene that he forgot the position he marked himself to stop the trolley movement. Trolley-man kept moving the trolley beyond that point even after Rahat shouted many times to stop but he came out of his day dream only when the trolley stopped by itself with a jerk because of the end of the rails. A shot which was on the verge of emerging as a perfect shot, had been spoiled due to one mistake. Rahat lost his patience and control and started scolding the trolley man and one of his Ads in full wrath. That day everybody in the unit was stunned when they saw Rahat’s anger. Everybody saw Rahat first time in anger. After all, the scene was shot again perfectly. Eversmiling Rahat lost his patience first time due to his commitment for the quality of his work and the performance of the artists.
Halke mein nahin lene ka boss…!

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