Friday, June 18, 2010

Very few people know that Vivek has hydrophobia. He normally avoids getting in to the water whether it’s sea beach or a swimming pool. Recently, during the shooting of a song sequence for the movie IMPATIENT VIVEK, director Rahat Kazmi decided on the spot that Vivek had to fall down into the swimming pool with his back towards water. When Vivek came to know this he was really scared. He was reluctant to do so. That time the entire unit came to know about his phobia.
However, Rahat along with other unit members told Vivek that the water level is not above your neck and nothing wrong will happen. He assured him that entire unit would be there to get you out of water instantly and there was nothing to worry, but Vivek was not ready to take this ordeal. Then Rahat asked him, “ Vivek!, you are a young guy from scientific background, you can sing, you can face camera, on screen you can fall in love then why can’t you fall in water ! Remember ! you are Vivek who is impatient and nothing is impossible for him.”
Vivek instantly got up and told Rahat that he would perform the scene and to everybody’s surprise he performed so well to the director’s expectation that the shot was ok in one take.
After that Vivek took two - three more plunges into the pool and shouted, “ I have no more phobia, I am Vivek.....impatient Vivek !”
Hats off to Vivek's courage to get rid of his phobia.

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