Monday, June 14, 2010

Many films get their names during their making but 
the title IMPATIENT VIVEK has a different story. The producers and the director of the film wanted an innocent, cute and simple guy who could do justice with the script and they found everything in Vivek.
Also to protect the naturality, beauty and freshness of this real life love story, director Rahat Kazmi gave instructions to this young guy to lose weight as well as not to take any lessons for acting. 
Vivek was also determined to give his best to the director’s expectation and so he lost 18 kgs in just a couple of months. 
For this film Vivek was instructed to be as natural as he was in his real life so that every young lad could identify himself in Vivek. 
Rahat was adamant on his decision so that he could bring out for the audience a film that is genuine and appealing and in fact the songs of the film have also been recorded in Vivek’s own voice.
Considering the main character , its gestures and mannerism and the artist playing the lead role, the film has got its name 

If a film is being produced with such a commitment and determination it will certainly be worth watching.

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  1. everything changes with time and so the style of storytelling is also ... we am trying to bring out the real essance of love mingled with tickling humer which todays youth can easily relate with... impatient vivek has a very fresh look and a sweet flavor for the entertainment appetite of todays youth. i strongly beleive that films are a meduim of entertainment and i and my team are trying heard to serve complete entertainment wraped with the fragrance of a very soft feel... RAHAT KAZMI