Monday, June 21, 2010

It’s all about balancing with impatience

Yes! it’s all about balancing over a long and speedy truck. The funny incident took place in Udaipur, Rajasthan where director Rahat Kazmi was shooting a song for his latest film IMPATIENT VIVEK.
The song was being shot on Vivek and his co-artists who had to dance on a 40 feet long open truck having no boundary. Vivek told the unit that initially everything remained ok but after initial lines of the song every time it was very hard for him to manage his balance and steps because of unusual increase in the speed of the truck .He told that many times he shouted to maintain a uniform speed but nobody was able to listen him due to the sound of the speakers.
After getting down from the truck Vivek asked the driver why every time he started increasing the speed ? The driver replied innocently to him,”what to do sir, the beats of the song are so powerful that I could not control my enthusiasm and every time due to excitement the pressure on the accelerator tends to increase.”
After listening this everybody started laughing.
There is not much time is left for the viewers and audience to enjoy the beats of this catchy song.  

Yeah ! I finally managed. I am Vivek,
Impatient Vivek....!

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  1. Hey !! Its not "Impatient Vivek", I would rather call it "Unbelievable Vivek". But I am extremely happy for your success. Right now I am in California, will try to find out if I can get a DVD of your movie. Would love to watch. I am sure you must have done it to a perfect finish. Keep it up and all my best wishes.