Sunday, June 27, 2010

Besides Miss India Sayali Bhagat there is another gem from the soil of Rajasthan who is performing a very crucial role in the film IMPATIENT VIVEK.
Yes! She is Charu Asopa with shimmering beauty who will certainly win the hearts of the viewers by her mind blowing performance on screen. Director Rahat Kazmi speaks that Charu is a very good learner and she did not consume much time and effort to grasp the alphabets of acting as Impatient Vivek is her very first film in which she is performing a full-fledged role. Before this film she was presented in a song of the music album I VIVEK which was critically appreciated by the audience because of its melodious songs and good picturization.
Charu Asopa has been crowned Miss Rajasthan-2006. Besides she has also been crowned :
Miss Stylish of Rajasthan
Brand Ambassader of Khadi India
Miss Desert India-05
Miss Moomal-05

Miss Maarvar-08
Miss Diamond of Rajasthan-06
Star of Rajasthan-05
Boogie Woogie dance winner-08
Wow ! we admire the beauty part of the film, Miss India Sayali Bhagat and Miss Rajasthan Charu Asopa.
As per Rahat, she is performing an important character of a bubbly girl which helps weaving the story of the film. He also told that a very hot and sensuous love song has recently been shot on her and her co-artist Raunak Ahuja. She has performed so well that Rahat is completely mesmerized by the performance given by Charu Asopa in her each and every scene. He further adds, “nobody can judge that she is doing her first film.”
Well done Charu ! really it’s great to hear such words from the director for any new comer.
Keep it up...!


  1. hi after reading the entire blog i found some mis-representation of the facts AFAIK these are the facts concerning Charu PUJARI (ne asopa): 2006 though the event took place she was not the winner of the pageant.
    2.she failed the boogie woogie auditions.
    3.though she claims to be brand ambassdor for khadibut the board denies the fact.
    4. last but not the least contrary the claims she is still married{wedding took place on 19th of feb 2007 at bikaner} her name is officially Charu PUJARI from Salasar Rajasthan .

  2. @adorable pyrate- u dunn know nythng abt dis gal...... so betta shut ur mouth

  3. mr. adorable pyrate ur information abt dis gal charu shree is absolutly wrong..... firstly-in 2006 she was da winner of dat pageant... secondly- she was da winner of boggie woogie..i have seen da certificate... thirdly- she was da brand ambasader of khadi india... as she was der in dainik bhasker frnt page...regarding dis....forthly- last but not da least...she was charu asopa.. but now she is charu shree... if u wanna see da proofs i can see mr. mre thng thanks for being such a big fan of charu shree.....

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  5. Charu shaadi shuda hain ..... aur Mr Adorable Pirate bilkul sahi hain ............. this is true because I attended that Marriage and I have photographs too ...... if you want I can show you ...Miss Chintan.
    Stop taking side of your Sister .... I know everything about you and about her.
    So its better to shut your mouth and stop spreading senseless and fake words around....

  6. Don't worry Charu
    jab log aapki charcha karne lage toh samaj lena chahiye ki aap progress kar rahe ho........
    woh kya hai ki dosro ki progress se logo ko jalan hoti hai..
    jalan aur frustration ke maare aapki naam ki fake id banakar is tarah ke comment karte hai,self satisfaction ke liye..

  7. to ab aap bikaner mein nahi rahte

  8. Charu Asopa or charu Shree is highly unprofessional as she has a habit of ditching at the last moment.