Monday, August 23, 2010


Here we present the interview of Vivek with DNA correspondent for their SPIRITUAL CONNECT column where they get people to about spirituality and what it means to them. The following were the questions and the corresponding views of Vivek about his spiritual side. 

1) Are you spiritually inclined?
Yes, of course.
2) What does spirituality mean to you?
Spirituality is a state of experiencing you without being a part of yourself, detaching yourself from your physical body and watching it from outside just like others see you. For me, being spiritual is just like accepting our responsibility for our thoughts and actions. We can make the world a little better through our thoughts and actions. Spirituality is simply this awareness. 
3) Who is your spiritual guide/guru?
My father.
4) How do you connect with your higher self?
Sometimes by meditation and experiencing my inner self as I told you before and sometimes by doing good for others and forgetting it.
5) How much of time in a day do you devote to connecting with your spiritual side?
Presently it is not possible for me to do it regularly but I am trying to spare at least 5 - 10 minutes daily to  connect with my spiritual side and with the supreme power, i.e., God Almighty.
6) Any incident or anecdote that gave rise to your spiritual beliefs?
I still remember when I was a mischievous child. My father confirmed me about it many times, but I did not give heed to his words and kept on going my way. As a surprising relief, he forgave me every time and assured me of his love. It was my first experience with the Supreme Force in this universe that pushes people to forgive wrongdoing and to love even imperfect people. Since then I learnt that always try to spread love and do good from your side.  
7) Any lessons that you have learnt or any changes that you have brought about in yourself as a result of your spiritual inclination?
Well, I feel there is some power which rules the world. If you believe, it works for you and drives you out from every intricate situation. Now I am more confident about my ideology and this confidence comes from doing your best to you and to others.   

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  1. Thats it boss... Give my regards to ur great father...!