Saturday, August 7, 2010


Music has its own language and hosts enormous power within itself. Music is not only concerned with the brain only but it has a pious connection with your higher self. It is directly related to your heart and soul and has a terrific healing capacity too. Recently, a six year old girl Radhika from Kerala’s Alappuzha, completely paralysed in an accident can move now with a walker and responds to queries when a doctor put her on a dose of music for a week. When every treatment failed, music displayed its miracle.

So is the relation of music to the film. Good and soothing music always like a salubrious breeze to the body and mind tired of every day’s tussle of life.

Such is the music of the film IMPATIENT VIVEK . It has every flavour, soothing, romantic and hilarious and has the quality to be successful in touching the soul.

Music to the songs is given by: Raja Ali, Neeaj Srivastava, Shahdaab Bhartiya and Anamik. 

Shahdaab Bhartiya is a well known name in fusion music and he has shown his excellence in the song PAL HAI YE MAKHMALI... sung by HARIHARAN and ASMITA. 

Raja Ali has given his magic touch to the four songs . MERI NINDIYA...,ISHQ MUSIBAT..., TUJHE MAANGA HAI....and MAST KALANDAR...

Neeraj Srivastav has beautified the exciting dance number  KHURAFAAT...and the most romantic song of the film EK PARI... with his glorious music. 

Anamik has done the title song in English.

Every one of them has tried to give the music at par with the test of youngsters, young couples and of course classy music lovers.

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