Wednesday, August 18, 2010


The song EK PARI PAGAL SI.....of Impatient Vivek has been shot on very picturesque and exotic locations of Goa. The song composed by Neeraj Srivastav is very youthful and romantic song.

The original version of this song was with an Indian tinge and when the director Rahat Kazmi listened it after the recording ,he seemed to be in dilemma and could not express his opinion regarding the song at once. The expressions on Rahat’s face were telling that he was trying to find out something in the song that was missing. Rahat discussed among his team just to find what he felt missing in the song and finally he took decision to add some catchy lines to the song in English and for which he gave the responsibility to Rahul Seth. After the addition of those English lines, the romantic spirit of the song became so intense that everyone after listening the song experienced the feeling of spiritual love and the crew members told that the E.P. of the film was so engrossed in listening the song that he also could not control his emotions and with his choked throat and wet eyes appreciated everyone for the creation of this charismatic song.
He also appreciated singer actor Vivek in the following way: “ Vivek ! you have really sung this song very good to an extent greater than even you can imagine and you have really added life to this song.”
Wow! Can a singer and his song be appreciated in a much better way?

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