Thursday, August 5, 2010


To give voice to any song is just like giving soul to the body. All the songs of the Film Impatient Vivek are beautifully sung and they have become very catchy and melodious. There are seven songs in the film and each one has a class of its own. Veteran singer Hariharan has ornamented one song PAL HAI YE MAKHMALI... by his classy voice. The other voice in this song is of Asmita Dhuldhoye.  
One interesting fact is that the lead actor Vivek has given his voice to all other songs and hats off to his talent that he has sung all the songs in different styles.
According to internal sources when the songs were sent for mixing and mastering, the Studio Engineer could not believe that these songs were sung by the same singer.
Good effort Vivek !
The other singers in the film are: TARRUNUM MALLIK, DOMINIQUE, RAHUL SETH

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  1. it's good to learn that most of the team members r multitasking - actor-singer, writer-director, editor-actor, PP in-charge-singer, MD-lyricist, etc.

    I hope they r performing their additional roles as good as their primary roles.