Thursday, August 12, 2010


The lead artist Vivek who is performing the character iV in the film Impatient Vivek has become a writer now.Vivek is not writing the story of any film. He was so impressed with his character in the film in which he is shown to be a puppeteer, that he decided to write a book on puppets. The book is now complete and ready to be published.
Vivek told that he was eager to increase his knowledge on this subject when the writer of the film Shri B.K.Tyagi had told him about puppets. After that Vivek, together with B.K.Tyagi conceived the idea of this book which has been given the name NAACH RI KATHPUTLI. The book will definitely be very useful to the teachers, children, the people having interest in folk arts and the people making their career in this field. Vivek has also told that he has done a vast research and also met a number of puppeteers of India to make the book interesting.
Any way, the time will speak itself that how much potential this book has from the knowledge point of view but it’s really interesting to know that bollywood has got a writer in an actor who can write books too.
We do hope that Naach Ri Kathputli will be in our hands very soon.

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