Tuesday, July 27, 2010


The use of puppets is very common in education and entertainment fields to deliver knowledge or to entertain people. Sometimes puppets can express the feelings in a more effective way and can deliver the strongest possible message in a cool manner.
In the film Impatient Vivek,  the debutant lead actor Vivek is a puppeteer. Since he is shown to be a shy guy, he uses his puppet to express his love and emotions for his lady love. Since there are not many film makers who have used this medium to express the emotions of their characters, it can be a beautiful ode to Indian culture too. In the film, Vivek can be seen wooing Sayali and conveying his emotions very innocently using his puppet. To see how Sayali responds is the matter of worth a watch on screen.


  1. it's thrilling to see a debuting Actor taking on so many challenges in one go - looking hot with a cool attitude, romancing a hottie in cool waterbody, moving a puppet, giving chance to so many freshers or 'still freshers' or what have you - its Impatient Vivek all the way

  2. A positive thought along with positive approach followed by positive effort is the seed of positive result.
    Every one knows that the dreams without action are like trees without fruits.
    Whatever he is doing is okay because he is one step ahead of mere dreaming.
    Let us see what comes now from the sets of Impatient Vivek.