Saturday, July 17, 2010


To capture on celluloid, the soul of what the director has conceived, depends to a great extent on the skill of the cinematographer. Therefore, for the best results, coordination and rapport between the director and the cinematographer is crucial. This can be seen on the sets of Impatient Vivek where the director Rahat Kazmi and the cinematographer M. Sethuraman are working together as synchronised entities to give an outstanding outcome.
M. Sethuraman has started his career as assistant director to veteran film maker Mani Ratnam and he assisted him in three films. After that he joined Santosh Sivan and did two films with him. To upgrade his skills has always been passion for him and in order to upgrade himself for special effects he has worked with Kabir Lal  for almost ten years. He also did around 20 films with Johny Lal. As independent cinematographer he did  Krishna Cottage, Kaise Kahein, three Tamil films and now Impatient Vivek. He has also been second unit cameraman in many big films such as Jeena Sirf Mere Liye, Mujhe Kuchh Kahna Hai, Partner and Yuvraj. Besides, he has done many commercial ads for TV such as Macro Man with Hritik Roshan and Boost with Sachin Tendulkar along with commercial ads for IPL.  
For this polite and talented cinematographer, lighting and camera angles were very important in the film IMPATIENT VIVEK to give a dream girl like looks to the heroine Sayali Bhagat and to the hero Vivek, a look like any present days youngster who has innocence in his impatience which should blend with the script of the film. While asking to say something about his work he recalls what Mani Ratnam once told to him, “never try to do any experiments, always follow the script and go with the script.” He always tried to follow this GURU MANTRA till now.
He is also happy that for this film he has been provided the camera equipped with latest technology in which he used Master Prime Lenses for superb results.
M.Sethuraman, respectfully known as RAM JI among his friends and well wishers, has an extra ordinary stamina to work tirelessly. The whole unit admires his dedication, discipline and devotion for the work.

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