Friday, July 30, 2010


Recently the unit of Impatient Vivek picturised the song Meri Nindiya.....on Vivek, Sayali Bhagat and co-artists. This song composed by Raja AIi Khan was a party song and  well performed by Vivek and Sayali along with their beautiful dancing steps. The song has been recorded in Vivek’s own voice and Tarannum Mallik. It consumed two nights with lavish ambience to shoot this song. Beautifully choreographed by Devang Desai, this song involves a large number of professional dancers. It was not a mean feat for Vivek to deliver a synchronous performance with a number of professional dancers as the director of the film suggested him before starting the film, not to take any customized training for acting and dance etc. as per the demand of his character in the film.

As we all know success is never final and failure is never fatal, it’s the courage that counts and Vivek after a number of initial retakes gave a terrific dance performance for the song.

When Vivek was asked,“how did you make it possible for you?”

He replied with a twinkle in his eyes, “ it was just like putting the soul in the body, I did not merely dance, I made myself a part of it. 
Wow ! what a concept of work.

If you want perfection in work, be the work itself and lose your identity in work.

That’s it.            IMPATIENT VIVEK                                      

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