Thursday, July 1, 2010


Time and tide wait for none and for the perfection in any natural shot proper time with optimum light has its own importance. The director of the film IMPATIENT VIVEK and its cameraman M. Sethuraman kept in mind this fact very well and to maintain the essence of the scene they were quite committed. Despite wrapping up the shoot late night both of them used to wake up at 4 am every morning and watch out the correct setting of the sun for the dawn, climatic condition of the place and the amount of the natural light available for shoot. They did the same for the dusk also.
Recently during the shoot in Udaipur one interesting incident took place. One emotional and very important scene had to be shot in the low evening light on the stairs of a ghaat. Everybody was doing his job perfectly. Lead artist Vivek and his co-artist Hrishikesh Joshi threw their full emotions into the scene. They were performing so well that everybody was engrossed in their performance. But nobody even the artist was aware of the fact that the director and the cameraman had decided meanwhile to reshoot the scene next day just because the proper light ceased to be available during the scene. Camera was also rolling as usual and after the shot everybody was happy about the perfect performance of the artists.
In hotel at the dinner director Rahat Kazmi declared the reshoot of the complete scene next morning. Everybody was shocked that what went wrong. Vivek and Hrishikesh were also surprised and told Rahat that they had performed well and despite the amount of light available the scene was almost ok. Rahat answered,”yes it was almost ok but perfectly not ok.”
Vivek was very impatient and he questioned, “then why did you continue the shooting and kept camera rolling?”
Rahat answered with simplicity,” it was your rehearsal for tomorrow.”
Vivek asked Rahat how can it be possible to repeat the same emotions, performance and mood tomorrow morning.
Rahat answered him,” not exactly the same, try to do better than this and you will have to do it because you are Vivek, Impatient Vivek.”
Everybody was smiling, but hats off to Vivek who performed hundred times better and to the commitment of the director and cameraman for perfection, that the shot taken next morning was far better than expected with much gorgeous ambience.
Such is their coordination, dedication and understanding on the subject.
According to other unit members it was one of the best shots they had taken so far.

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