Thursday, July 15, 2010


Songs are just like ornaments for any film. Good and meaningful lyrics always beautify the whole content of the movie. There are seven songs of every mood in Impatient Vivek and all the songs are very catchy and melodious.
Besides Neeraj  Srivastav, Raja Ali, Binish Khan there is Nusrat Badr  who has written the song TUJHE MAANGA HAI SADA RAB SE... The unit has recently shot this song to which Vivek and Sayali have given lively  performances. The melody of this song will certainly be appreciated and liked by all including youngsters.
He has many big films in his account such as Deewangee, Deewaar, Saanwariya and Devdas. Who can forget the song Dola Re Dola... of Devdas for which Nusrat Badr has won the IIFA Best Lyricist Award in 2003. We give him all our heartiest wishes so that he could create the same magic again in Impatient Vivek.
Binish Khan has written the title track of the film. Neeraj srivastav has written two songs, EK PARI...and KHURAAFAAT...
Raja Ali has also written two songs ISHQ MUSIBAT.....     and         MERI NINDIYA......
The versatile director Rahat Kazmi has also given his contribution to the songs of the film. He has written one mast song...............................MAST KALANDAR...


  1. NUSRAT BADR is really one of great lyricists we have in industry

  2. Looking forward to all of this Impatiently.