Wednesday, July 7, 2010


It seems that Search Film’s Production is really talented and complete team. Mr. Anil, the editor of the film IMPATIENT VIVEK is appropriate example of this fact. Besides editing he will be seen on the screen showing his latent acting talent. For a comedy scene of the film there was need of a TAANTRIK and it was very difficult to find a taantrik who could also play that funny character in front of the camera. Trial after trial were going on and the result was nothing. 
One afternoon when the unit was having lunch together, suddenly director Rahat Kazmi asked Anil, ”why don’t you do the role of the taantrik?”
Everybody started laughing and Anil was in dilemma and saying sir !
Anil was trying to explain the director that he could not act as he had never faced camera and he was also not confident at all about his performance. He was afraid because of the performance quality standards set by Rahat but he could not hide his acting talent from the director’s eyes. Ultimately, bechaara Anil....acting karni hi padi and yes, Fraderick from the camera team also performed as Anil’s assistant taantrik.
Both of them performed so well that when the shot was declared ok by Rahat, all unit members started screaming in joy and hugging Anil and Fraderick. Everybody was asking them, “where were you guys so far?” and ever smiling director Rahat,with a cute smile, again became busy in the preparation of the next scene.
What a talented and all-rounder team is this ! 
Everybody is working with full dedication and coordination on the sets as it is their home production. No noise, no complaints, no director’s anger, no ego clash and nobody can imagine that a film shooting can go on so peacefully. It looks like a family get together if you remove camera and lights from the venue.

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